As a first time chiropractic patient, I was skeptical at first. I did not believe that my “little problems” were worthy of chiropractic treatment. After putting it off for about a year, I found it to be an omen when I drove past a “Raymond” billboard and got his flyer in my mailbox at work in the same day.

Upon coming in for my first appointment, I was greeted by a friendly atmosphere and walked through each step with a “real world” language that I understood and was made completely at ease.

I no longer experience lower back pain and I never realized how chiropractic could help with earaches – every winter I had at least one – but since coming to Dr. Raymond, I have not even had one!!!

Dr. Raymond has made me a lifelong lover of chiropractic!!

Andrea F.



I am 43 years old and had not been to a chiropractor in about 5 years.   I had been putting up with a very sore right shoulder and neck and hip pain.  I woke up one March morning and did not appreciate the fact that I couldn’t life my right arm up to even shoulder height.  I decided that morning to find a chiropractor in the city I now live in. I figured the internet would be a very good start to finding someone that could help me out of this pain I was feeling without having to take muscle relaxers or pain medication.  On March 23, 2009 I had my very first appointment with Dr. Christopher Raymond.  Today it is only April 13, 2009 and I already feel so much better than the day that I walked into his office.  I only had one really bad day so far during this adventure and Dr. Raymond did not have any problems with me just walking into his office to ask for help.

I will not lie to anyone by telling them that it isn’t just like any other injury and that you need to pay attention to what you should and shouldn’t be doing, but I have a feeling that by the date of my last scheduled appointment, which is June 9, 2009 I will not have any regrets, including that ice pack I really don’t like!

Thanks Doc!

Jill N.



I came in to Dr. Raymond with shooting pain down my left arm.  It was difficult to drive, reach up high turn my head or even get dressed.  After my first session, the pain was reduced by 75% at least.  Over the next three weeks I no longer had any low back pain, and I could turn my head. It was great!

Dr. Raymond is very thorough, competent and personable.  He takes a genuine interest in the well being of his patients and ensures his practice maintains a standard of quality care.  I would recommend this practice to anyone.

Thank you for all the help getting my spine in line!

Nicole K.



I started coming in a year ago to see if he can help me with my back, my neck pain and migraines.  When I first came in I had back spasms and was in horrible pain.  I saw Dr. Raymond a couple times a week and I also noticed that my everyday headache routine was diminishing.

It has almost been a year now and I see Dr. Raymond about once a week or once every two weeks to get adjusted and my headaches have lowered considerably and I feel in amazing condition.

Leigh Ann R.



There’s a faded piece of paper, taped to the wall in my office:

“Insanity is endlessly repeating the same process and hoping for a different result”                     ~Albert Einstein.

After 3 decades of trying every medication on the market to rid myself of chronic headaches & migraines I walked into Dr. Raymond’s office.  During the initial visit, he explained that he would do a couple of non-invasive tests, review the results, then on a subsequent visit either propose a course of treatment, or if it wasn’t a chiropractic problem, he would not treat me, and recommend that I try a different approach for relief.  Straightforward and honest.

I admit I was somewhat skeptical and a bit nervous during my first adjustment that Friday.  Dr. Raymond was very understanding of that, explained everything thoroughly, and reassured me throughout the adjustment.  I went home a bit sore, took it easy that evening, made friends with the ice pack.  The next day, I woke up without a headache, and the next day, and the next . . . I didn’t know how to act.  I’d never gone one day without a headache, let alone three.

Headache-free for over a month now, I continue in the rehabilitation phase of my treatment.  Additionally, other back issues I had been suffering through, secondary to the headaches, have been addressed wonderfully.  I have more energy, stand up straighter, can focus better, and I haven’t taken any medication.

Dr. Raymond is enthusiastic, respectful, and caring.  I have recommended him to my friends, co-workers, and family.

Amanda W.



When I first came to Dr. Raymond, I had severe pain in my back and in the right side of my neck.  After a few adjustments, which he performed with the greatest enthusiasm, I felt better than I had for several years.

David C.