A Different Approach

Traditional health care has always focused on the doctor of medicine and his or her ability to cure the world’s health problems, yet the world continues to still get sicker and sicker with more resistant strains of bacteria and viruses.

Everyday, more and more of the world’s population continues to look elsewhere for answers concerning their healthcare. More and more individuals are beginning to realize that healthcare is not about treating symptoms, it is not about an “outside-in” approach, the true definition of health is prevention and the use of “inside-out” treatment options. The world is starting to understand what doctors of chiropractic have been trying to educate them about for the past one hundred plus years.

Both the world’s population and the medical profession are beginning to realize that the fight isn’t necessarily against germs, bacteria and viruses.

  • Chronic headaches affect millions of Americans
  • 25+ million suffer from various arthritic conditions
  • The number one disease still remains as heart disease, but so many other afflictions must be dealt with rather than ignored or covered by the mask of medications.
  • Sinuses, high blood pressure, chronic fatigue stomach disorders and nervous system disorder affect thousands of people everyday and
  • Sciatica plagues millions of Americans everyday and
  • Chronic backaches seem to be a way of life for a constantly growing portion of the population.

Traditional medicine

  • Focuses on the germs and the prevention of death due to illness

What about the constant, debilitating conditions that so many suffer from on a daily basis that are not life threatening?

A new kind of doctor has emerged…

The Doctor of Chiropractic

  • Focuses on the body’s inborn ability to fight disease and dysfunction
  • Provides a natural, strong immunity barrier to the constant barrage of outside toxins trying to disrupt normal flow

Why? Because chiropractic gets sick people well and helps prevent the healthy people from getting sick.

A thought to ponder… “If giving a sick man a pill that will make him healthy is correct? Why will that same pill, when given to a healthy person make that man sick?”

  • This innate intelligence begins with the brain and continues through the spinal cord which then branches into spinal nerves that serve to innervate, or supply, all aspects of the body and its functioning organs with specific messages.
  • None of the body’s functions just “happen.” Your lungs do not inhale and exhale by chance, digestion does not occur because it should, and your heart does not just happen to beat.
  • All functions are coordinated by the brain and controlled by outgoing messages through the spinal cord and its peripheral network of nerves.