Raymond Chiropractic’s Mission Statement

Raymond Chiropractic strives to offer the leading education, expertise and most modern technologies available in the chiropractic profession to the community. As a leader in the healthcare field, Raymond Chiropractic works diligently to provide the highest levels of care available through non-invasive, manual techniques. Raymond Chiropractic takes a pro-active approach to health and strives to not only give care to the Austintown area, but to also help educate those individuals about what it takes to live a healthy lifestyle through proper diet, exercise, and decision making.

Raymond Chiropractic works to remove interference to the body’s nervous system (subluxations) with precision based care, allowing the brain to interact with every facet of the body through an unimpeded nervous system. Optimum function equals optimum health for our patients, with the same care and dedication that we expect for our own health and that of our families.

Dr. Raymond is committed to promoting and preserving the health of our community through non-invasive chiropractic treatment as well as through teaching all of our patients about a healthy, wellness based approach to life. All of our patients can be assured of quality, one on one treatment, a complete understanding of all office procedures, and chiropractic practices that are personally tailored to accommodate each individual patient’s needs. Dr. Raymond was and remains a chiropractic patient himself, so he understands what patients want and expect from their doctor and works diligently to provide that and much more to each of our patients.

Here at Raymond Chiropractic, we encourage all of our patients, past, present and future, to ask questions at any time. It is our goal to help everyone understand chiropractic; the benefits care can offer so many respects of our community’s lives, and how to begin living a truly health-filled lifestyle. Chiropractic is limitless when it comes to who can be affected in a positive manner with regular care. From newborn infants to the eldest of the aging population, chiropractic care can induce positive changes in lifestyles and health.