Chiropractic and Neck Pain: Conservative Care of Cervical Pain, Injury

Cervical adjustments seem to always be correlated with controversy in the public’s perception, but in reality, chiropractic care for cervical (neck) pain and/or injury is one of the safest, and longest lasting methods for treatment.

No Shortage of Happy Chiropractic Patients

Chiropractic care continues to rank as the number one CAM therapy for the treatment of low back pain. Patients reported increased success with chiropractic care from a Chiropractic Physician for the treatment of low back pain in relation to traditional treatments and other CAM therapies (acupuncture, massage, and yoga).

Chiropractic Inclusion in Managed Care Plans Saves Money

In today’s health care climate, where the costs of health care rule the headlines, a 12% decrease in health care costs to those who have chiropracitc benefits compared to those who do not is quite a difference.

Chiropractic Care Naturally Treats Colic

1/5 of newborns will suffer from Colic, a crying condition that is diagnosed using the “Rule of 3”, typically staring around three weeks of age and lasting until around three months. Chiropracitc care has been shown to be extremely beneficial inthe treatment of colic over other treatments such as dietary changes, medication, and infant positioning.

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