To understand chiropractic, you first need to understand how your body works. What coordinates every function within the body? What is the master control system? The correct answer is your nervous system. Every function of the human body is under control of the nervous system. Its function is to coordinate all the other organs and structures and to relate the individual to his environment. Your BRAIN, SPINE, and SPINAL NERVES make up your body’s MASTER control system. When the nervous system is FREE of all interference, your body can function at its MAXIMUM level. When there is nerve interference in the spine, dis-ease or disharmony occurs.

We know that the body is a self-healing, self regulating organism – with the nervous system functioning as the master control system of the body. If the nervous system is compromised in any way (interfered with) the body cannot function normally. We also know that in order to have maximum Health and Function, you need to have:

  • Plenty of sleep
  • Consistent Exercise
  • A Positive Mental Attitude
  • Excellent Nutrition
  • And Chiropractic

Dr. Seth Sharpless at the University of Colorado showed that the weight of a dime on a nerve alters (brain) impulses by 60%. Pressure on a nerve will severely interfere with your brains ability to communicate with a specific muscle, organ, gland, or system of the body.  90% of the stimulation and nutrition to the brain is generated by movement of the spine. When you consider how many coordinated movements are involved in every sport, its hard to imagine that your brain actually monitors each and every reaction. It needs all of the stimulation and nutrition it can get in order to keep up!

When the spine and nervous system are clear of interference, your body can function at its maximum performance! And that’s why Chiropractic has become and essential part of every major sports team. It’s the NEW drug-free secret weapon! Athletes need every edge they can get. Chiropractic Physicians ADJUST (correct the misalignments) more athletes that ever before. Getting adjusted before every game has become routine for many of today’s “prime time” athletes.

In one study of fifty athletes, 25 received chiropractic care and 25 athletes served as controls. They used 11 separate tests to measure different aspects of athletic ability. After 6 weeks, the Chiropractic group had shown an 18% improvement in eye-hand coordination, while the control group had only shown a 1% response. After 12 weeks, the Chiropractic group had exhibited more than 30% improvement.  The numbers don’t lie, chiropractic care helped to create greater improvement in athletic ability.

Athletes and Chiropractic make the perfect team. Chiropractic Physicians are showing more and more athletes how to increase and improve their athletic performance by keeping their spine and nervous system free of interference.

Whether you are playing sports full time, competing as a weekend warrior or just want to function at your absolute best – good nutrition, plenty of rest, a positive attitude, exercise and Chiropractic care will give you the drug-free edge you need to function at your maximum potential!!!