Questions for Everyone….

Do you think that we are doing great as a county when it comes to health? If not, who is to blame? I believe we would have to look at who has led our health care all these years. The medical community at some point decided that diagnosis and treatment of disease is paramount to making us healthy. I want you to recognize the problems with this approach.

I have always understood the definition of insanity as doing the same thing over and over, expecting a different result. How long are we going to “treat” conditions before we realize that the conditions will continue return, and new conditions will continue to show up. Isn’t it time to step back and realize that prevention is the key? Instead of focusing on fighting disease the emphasis needs to be on maximizing health. Because guess what… if your health goes up, disease goes down.

It is time to follow a different leader. You need a leader that can assemble a team to guide your family down a path of wellness. You need help on how to eat better, exercise properly, maintain a properly functioning spine and nervous system, and how to reduce stress and improve attitude.

If we were catching fish out of Lake Erie and they had tumors on them, do you think that it would make sense to catch all the fish, cut out their tumors, and dump a bunch of chemotherapy into the water. Absolutely not! That sounds ridiculous. We would step back and ask what is getting into the water that is causing this. What is it in their environment that is creating this problem? We would not treat the condition, we would seek out the cause!

We have more doctors, nurses, hospitals, and drugs now than ever before. Yet we are one of the sickest countries in the world, and getting sicker every day. Who is leading your family when it comes to health? Are you on a path to wellness or a path of sickness?