It is quite likely that at some point in your lifetime, you will become involved in an automobile accident. Accidents range from very mild to deadly. According to the latest research, even five miles per hour accidents cause trauma and injuries to your body.

While every joint in your body is susceptible to damage, the spine is the most vulnerable. In fact, the neck is the most injured area of the spine in automobile accidents. The scariest thing about spinal injuries from car accidents is the effects of the damage may not show up for days, weeks, or even months after the accident. Many people walk away from car accident feeling fine, but later on feel the ill effects associated with the accident.

Broken bones and deep cuts DO NOT have to be present for the serious damage to be present. Many people make the routine trip to the emergency room. This trip usually involves a long wait, numerous x-rays, and prescriptions being written for pain killers, muscle relaxers, and anti-inflammatories. Nothing is broken and stitches are not needed, so they are sent home with a pocket full of pills.

While the drugs help manage some of the symptoms associated with the accident, corrective care is not given. Things get tighter, scar tissue starts forming, headaches often begin to present, and other problems, such as numbness and tingling into the legs or arms, start to occur.

We pay good money for car insurance. Part of this is to ensure that, if involved in an accident, our medical care is covered. You are entitles to get the care that you need to recover and return to your pre-accident status. If you do not take the appropriate steps necessary to correct the damage done in an accident in a timely manner, you may miss the opportunity to have the responsible party pay for the care that you need.

It is extremely important to have your spine and nervous system checked as soon as possible after any accident. You cannot rely on how you feel as to whether or not to get checked. Left untreated, the damage could become permanent. There is no reason to wait. Many people regret not taking care of their problems right away. Do not become one of those people.

Show me someone who has rolled a car three times and walked away without a scratch…I’ll show you that person a year later suffering from back pain, neck pain and headaches.

Any accident, no matter how minor or severe, warrants chiropractic care!

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